Personal coaching can be just the thing you need to achieve your goals. With the help of expert coaching, your goals will come within arms reach.

Exercise Therapy

Sometimes it’s hard to break through behavioral patterns on your own. Do you find yourself having an injury and would you like to get to the root of it? Continue reading and see if exercise therapy is for you.


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What is Nieuwenhuis Oefentherapie and Training?

That’s me, Brendan Nieuwenhuis, at your service. I love to work with people and I receive energy from the versatility of my work. Even though I take my job seriously, I don’t always take myself as serious. Fortunately. Because even though your goal is the number one thing on my list, it shouldn’t be at cost the joy you get from the process. In both the exercise therapy and personal training I’m standing for quality, attention and sustainability. All of this to better the quality of your life.